The periods of architecture of Afghanistan are closely related to the historical periods of material culture, and the division is according to the historical chronology:

Bronze age


The epoch of Achaemenids (VI - IV centuries. BC)

Ancient Period (329 BC - the mid. of V century AD.)

  • Hellenistic architecture: the epoch of the Alexander the Great (the years of 329-323 BC), Seleucid (the years of 300-250 BC), the Greco-Bactrian kingdom (approximately the years of 250-135 BC)
  1. Bagram - presumably the ruins the city of Caucasian Alexandria.
  2. Old Kandahar - the place where the city of Alexandria was located in Arachosia.
  3. Ay-Khanum - the ruins of the large city, the culltural metropolis of the Greco-Bactrian kingdom.
  4. Balkh (Bactra) the city walls of the anciant city, the capital of the Bactrian kingdom, the remains of a building.
  • Transition: The adaptation of the Hellenistic architecture to the requirements of the new rulers of the country - Tocharians, before the formation of a unified empire of the Great Kushans (approximately 135 BC-ser. I century AD.)
  1. Ai-Khanum II - round nomadic city on the banks of Panj river.
  2. Emshi Tepe - round the city of nomads in Balkh province.
  • The architecture of the Kushan Empire (mid of First century to the mid III century)
  1. Surh-Kotal - dynastic temple of the Great Kushans
  2. Hadda - a large complex of Buddhist monasteries
  3. Dilberjin - a small town.
  • Late antique architecture (III-V cc.)

Early medieval period ( beginning of the V to the VII century).

Muslim architecture

  • The pre-Mongol and Mongol period (VII - the end of XIV century).
  • The architecture of the epoch of Timur and Timurids (late XIV - early XVI century).
  1.  the Mausoleum of Abu Ali Nasr Pars in Balkh
  • Late-medieval architecture (early XVI - 1919)
  1. Blue Mosque in Mazar-i-Sharif
  2. Mausoleum of Ahmad Shah Durrani, in Kandahar

The architecture of modern times (1919 - 1978)

The architecture of the time of civil wars (1978 - 2002)

The modern architecture of Afghanistan (from 2002)

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