Kazakh Cuisine 

Kazakh cuisine is the cuisine of Kazakhstan. Based on nomadic roots, traditional Kazakh cuisine revolves around mutton and horse meat and as well as various milk products.

Beshbarmak, a dish consisting of boiled horse or mutton meat, is the most popular Kazakh dish.

Kazakhs also drink mare’s milk, Kumys, to treat lung and intestinal-gastric illnesses.

Beyond these dishes, the national cuisine is quite diverse. Over one hundred ethnicities live in Kazakhstan, so people are quite familiar with other dishes, such as:

  • Asian pilav, made with meat and rice
  • Russian pelmenis and blinys
  • Korean spicy salads (Kimchi/Chimcha)
  • Uighur noodles

Typical kazakh appetizers

Appetizers in the Kazakhstan cuisine are a very common traditional:  sliced horse meat sausage, cheese, dried / smoked shuzhuk.

Main courses in Kazakhstan

  • Beshbarmak
  • Kuyrdak
  • Baursak
  • Samsa
  • Kuyiryk - baur
  • Kabyrga

Desserts in Kazakhstan

As in cuisine of country, in Kazakhstan cuisine desserts are an essential part of the everyday diet. 

Mainly desserts are baked at home. 

Domalak Baursak, Yespe Baursak, Shelpek are sweet baked desert that is made of flour, eggs, butter, sugar and cream, yeast, and maybe water in some recipes. 

Other desserts include nuts with caramelized sugar, sweet bread and home fired pastry.

Drinks in Kazakhstan

Guests of Kazakhstan families are regaled with kumiss (the drink based on mare milk), shubat or airan;

Traditional kazakh beverages include:

  • Kumiss - fermented mare's milk, up to 6% alcohol content - imagine tart lemonade, mixed with semi-sour milk
  • Kumyran (Shubat)- fermented camel's milk
  • Kvas - described as similar to root beer it can be bought in a bottle in a store, or by the cup from people with giant yellowish tanks of it on the street.

Alcoholic drinks can be found at every little corner shop. Several brands of beer, of good quality and flavor, are made in Karaganda. Juices, in cartons, are common and delicious, especially peach juice.

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