Kazakhstanis develop an appreciation of a rich diversity of culture from a young age – art, music, theatre, literature and more

History of Arts and Crafts in Kazakhstan

Arts and Crafts of the Kazakh people had a long tradition development. Arts and crafts are closely linked with the traditions and nomadic life of Kazakh people. Before the Russian conquest, the Kazaks had a well-articulated culture based on their nomadic pastoral economy. Because animal husbandry was central to the Kazaks' traditional lifestyle, most of their nomadic practices and customs relate in some way to livestock. 

Applied arts in Kazakhstan

Applied arts in ancient Kazakhstan were part of life’s daily routine. Clothing, utility tools, yurts, and horses’ saddles were always decorated using nomadic patterns and design. Nowadays, this tradition continues mostly for the sake of tourism and hardly a single tourist leaves Kazakhstan without a gift adorned with national symbols.

Visual arts in Kazakhstan

Compared to applied arts, Kazakhstan’s visual arts are relatively young. In ancient times, nomads used to draw on rocks and, today, these petroglyphs can be found throughout Kazakhstan.

But modern Kazakh visual arts originated in the late 19th century, under the cultural influence of Russia, when the first impressive paintings by local painters began to appear. 

Fine art in Kazakhstan

Fine art in Kazakhstan varies in style, direction and genre. The most captivating work by Kazakhstan artists in different periods can be seen in museums across the country.

Music in Kazakhstan

Kazakh folk mucial instruments like dombra, kobyz, sybyzgy, kos syrnay, kerey, sherter, zhetygen, asatayak, konyrau took an important place in the traditional Kazakh music and Kazakh material culture.

Formation and development of Kazakh folk instruments occurred in close association with the tools of neighboring nations, which is associated with a common language (common Turkic), practices, rituals, customs, manners, a nomadic way of life, etc.

Today the Kazakh music really becomes fashionable as it is one of the most original, melodic and distinctive in the world. Quality folk, popular music of local artists, preserving the national traditions, are now in demand as never before. 

Cinema in Kazakhstan

The history of Kazakh cinemas dates back to the beginning of 20th century. These films were mainly created by the Russian directors. Moisey Levin created the first Kazakh film with sound in 1938. Influenced by the typical pattern of central Asian cinema, now a days Kazakh cinema has proved its significance in world cinema.

Literature of Kazakhstan

Before arrival of Russians into Kazakhstan Kazakhs used to make their works in Arabic and the works were done in mosques and religious schools. 

Writing in the Kazakh language did not begin until the second half of the nineteenth century. The development of a domestic Kazakh literature, therefore, is quite recent, a tradition less than 150 years old.

Famous writers and poets from Kazakhstan include:

  • Abay Qunanbayuli (1845 - 1904), poet, composer and philosopher.
  • Ibrahim Altynsarin (1841-1889), pedagogue, writer
  • Mukhtar Auezov (1897 - 1961), writer, public figure
  • Bukhar-zhirau Kalmakanov (1693 - 1789), poet
  • Akhmet Baytursinuli (1873 - 1937), poet, writer, pedagogue and politician.
  • Alikhan Bokeikhanov (1866 - 1937), writer, political activist and environmental scientist.
  • Mirjaqip Dulatuli (1885 - 1935), poet, writer and a leader of Alash Orda government
  • Ilyas Esenberlin (1915 - 1983), writer
  • Qabdesh Jumadilov (born 1936), writer
  • Bakhytzhan Kanapyanov (born 1951), poet and lyricist
  • Muqagali Maqatayev (1931 - 1976), akyn, poet
  • Baurzhan Momyshuly (1910 - 1982), writer, Hero of the Soviet Union of WWII
  • Sabit Mukanov (1900 - 1973), poet and writer
  • Gabit Musirepov (1902—1985), writer, playwright
  • Saken Seyfullin (1894 - 1939), poet and writer, national activist
  • Mukhtar Shakhanov (born 1942), writer, lawmaker, ambassador
  • Olzhas Suleimenov (born 1936), poet, politician, and anti-nuclear activist
  • Sultanmahmut Toraygirov (1893 - 1920), poet and writer
  • Shokan Walikhanuli (1835 - 1865), scholar, ethnographer and historian
  • Magjan Jumabayev (1893 - 1938), writer, publicist, founder of modern Kazakh literature
  • Khwaja Ahmad Yasavi (1106 - 1166), poet and Sufi (Muslim mystic)
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