Key facts about Central Asia 

Central Asia on the map of Eurasia

Central Aisa is part of world located between the Caspian Sea in the west, China in the east, Afghanistan in the south, and Russia in the north.

The territory of Central Asia include five republics of the former Soviet Union: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Other areas often included are Mongolia, Afghanistan, northern and western Pakistan, northeastern Iran, Kashmir, and sometimes Xinjiang in western China and southern Siberia in Russia.

Total land area of Central Asia

4,003,400 km2 

(1,545,721 sq mi)

Nationality of Central Asia

Population – 61,551,945

Countries in Central Asia

  • Kazakhstan - 16,004,800 (2009)
  • Kyrgyzstan - 5,482,000 (2009) 
  • Tajikistan - 7,349,145 (2009)
  • Turkmenistan - 5,110,000 (2009)
  • Uzbekistan - 27,606,000 (2009)

Languages spoken in Central Asia

  • Russian
  • Kazakh
  • Tajik
  • Uzbek
  • Kyrgyz
  • Tukmen

Religion in Central Asia

Islam is the religion most common in the Central Asian Republics

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